Ryan Conklin

Ryan Conklin

Senior Front-End Developer

Ryan believes that people-first decisions are the foundation of good technical solutions.

As a Design System creator, librarian, curator, and senior front-end developer, Ryan values creating tools that make others' lives a little easier. This passion for community-based technology helps us understand why Ryan is a seasoned contributor to open-source—contributing to projects like the Components Drupal module, a Tailwind plugin to handle SVG files, and more.

Before all of this, the first code Ryan remembers writing was a random number generator for Dungeons and Dragons. And though his love for the world’s greatest roleplaying game never stopped, he gained experience as a Manager, Consultant, and Project Coordinator before making his way back into the world of development. (And we’re lucky he did!)

When Ryan is taking a break from his day job, he loves roleplaying games, tabletop games, and painting miniatures. He also plays guitar (and to no surprise) has built one from parts!