Sam Mortenson

Sam Mortenson

Senior Software Engineer

Sam’s passion for rebuilding things started early with Legos. To this day he’ll see something intriguing online and will tinker with it until he can figure out how it works.

Sam started out in IT, working in a stereotypical basement fixing computers to pay his way through a Medieval English degree. Eventually he realized that he had a knack for programming and started making websites, which led him into a career in tech.

Sam is most proud of his work with the core Drupal development team to successfully build and release the Media Library in Drupal 8. They started the process in 2016, and traveled to events in Berlin, New York, Boston, and Nashville until its final release in 2018. He’s always wanted to use his technical expertise to help others, so working directly with non-profits using open source software is something he enjoys doing at ThinkShout.

When Sam isn’t building websites for the greater good, he can be found at home reading, playing piano, or drawing. Or you can ask him to recite part of the Canterbury Tales in Middle English, which we assume must serve some purpose at trivia night.