Sarah Janczak

Sarah Janczak

Client Experience Manager

Sarah defines adventure as pushing yourself to try new things, things that you’re afraid of, that end up having a positive effect. That's just the type of positive attitude we like to see in our team members.

Sarah comes from a long line of NTEN alumni (two other ThinkShouters were previously at NTEN). It was in her role there that she not only fell in love with nonprofit strategy but also with the community itself and the idea of leveraging technology to help the greater good. After fully embracing the role of nonprofit accidental techie, Sarah moved to Austin, TX where she spent five years as an analyst and senior digital strategy consultant with Pricewaterhouse Cooper’s Digital Experience Center.

A passion for helping mission driven organizations create innovative solutions with limited resources to do the most good brought her back to the nonprofit sector. Her extensive experience in client services involved a lot of relationship management, a skill that will serve her well as an account manager for us at ThinkShout.

Sarah earned a BA in writing at Sarah Lawrence College. When she’s not working, she still writes and publishes poems. Her dog Nadia serves as an incredibly diligent proofreader!