Thomas King

Thomas King

Senior Strategy Director

Thomas brings a wealth of digital strategy experience to ThinkShout. He’s been a champion of open source technology in the Portland community for years and has worked with local and national organizations to help maximize their digital potential.

Thomas began his journey into digital strategy as a writing instructor. In moving to Portland, he found himself drawn toward the tech community. He believes that both writing and technology share roots in communication and curiosity, which helped smooth his transition into the tech world. Since that shift, Thomas has worked with organizations such as Travel Portland, Arizona State University, and the Portland Timbers on a wide array of digital projects. When he’s not helping our clients achieve their strategic goals on the web, he’s dabbling in the restoration of old axe heads and cookware. We’ve also heard that he makes an absolutely foul liquor from walnuts, but no one in the office can confirm this since we’re all too scared to try it.

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