Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

A flagship website for one of Oregon’s most famous museums encourages digital exploration.

Endless Discovery

As one of the leading museums and educational institutions in Oregon, getting visitors to explore the constantly-evolving exhibits and events the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry [OMSI] offers was critical to the website’s success. Our work was to redesign the site with as many entryways to content as possible–to build a site that users can explore and never hit an endpoint, but be continuously exposed to more.

Screenshot of a hero moment from OMSI's site, it shows a slideshow with a large headline overlaid a lavender background. The text reads "News" and "The Future of the OMSI District"
6 columns of mobile screens sitting atop a light blue background. Screens vary in terms of content type and highlight School & Group Programs as well as interior event pages like Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes

What’s On

Living in both the main navigation and underneath the flexible homepage hero,  ‘What’s On’ provides users access to a snapshot of all current activities, with the ability to search and filter. When users view an exhibit detail page, headline content is always paired with pathways for deeper exploration (like articles and events that complement specific exhibits, or blog posts that promote the new OMSI district). 

The search and filter experience is also extremely shareable. For example, if an OMSI educator wants to share resources with a kindergarten teacher, they can filter search by kindergarten focused resources and directly copy the link to send the teacher already-filtered search results.

Mobile screens showing a filtering event user flow. Large type that reads "What's On" and a list of featured events followed by a filtering drawer opening to filter by location and date. Next a results screen that shows what events are happening in the planetarium on August 3rd. The final screen shows the detail page of an event about black holes.
Feature highlight:

Ticketure Integration

Tickets and membership for OMSI are handled by Ticketure. Prior to the redesign, when a user wanted to buy tickets they would immediately bounce off-site.

We set up WordPress to sync up with Ticketure when events were created, allowing editors to manage event details directly in WordPress. Now, when a user wants to buy a ticket they’re still bounced over to Ticketure eventually–but we moved this inflection point down the line tremendously. This approach maximizes a users exposure to on-site content, giving them more chances to interact with membership CTAs, learn more about other events, or add additional tickets to their cart.

Collage of various elements from the OMSI design system. Include cards for events, page heroes at multiple screen sizes, the search by date calendar interface, buttons and filtering pills.
Inside look at the OMSI design system, a set of presentation slides that include color palette, typography, grid and spacing, guidance on animation and button styling.

Results and Early Wins

The new omsi.edu better showcases the breadth of the museum’s work, increases accessibility, and provides their team an editorial workflow that allows content editors to easily keep up with an always busy publishing schedule. Most importantly, it allows visitors to experience the learning and endless discovery that is central to OMSI’s mission.

From pre-launch to 3 months post-launch, this site saw:
  • 4.6x increase in traffic
  • 6.8x increase in total page views
  • Increase in pages viewed per session
  • Bounce rate drop by 15%
  • Average session time increase by 5 minutes

What We Did


  • Discovery Workshop
  • Stakeholder Research
  • Content Strategy
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Landscape Analysis
  • Measurement Planning
  • Information Architecture


  • Wireframes
  • Creative Direction
  • Visual Design and UI


  • Technical Planning
  • Digital Ecosystem Mapping
  • Accessibility Optimization
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • Ticketure Integration

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