Equitable Digital Connections

Digital strategies should be personal, flexible, and accessible

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At ThinkShout, we know maintaining connections is now vital to our sense of community and support systems. The digital universe has become the new kitchen table, playground, and work station for so many across the globe. With competing priorities as we adapt to our current circumstances, making those connections accessible to all users has never been more important.

That’s why we’ve created Equitable Digital Connections: a series where we’ll be sharing online learning sessions, blog articles, and actionable information you can use to ensure your digital doorstep is available to everyone.

Accessibility for Teams in a Hurry

Accessibility is important, and now is the time to modernize your process so your site works for all users. But where to start? If you’re interested in accessibility, but not sure what steps to take to make your site more inclusive, this session is for you. We start by introducing a shared vocabulary and discuss how teams can share responsibility for fixing and avoiding accessibility errors. Next, we review some common issues and discuss best practices to fix them, including tips from our own workflow. Finally, we share our favorite resources and tools to bring back to your team.

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