Enterprise Community Partners: Breakthrough Challenge

Establishing a Long Term Foundation While Promising Short-Term Success

As a proven and powerful far-reaching nonprofit, Enterprise brings together nationwide know-how, partners, policy leadership and investment to multiply the impact of local, affordable housing development. Their mission is to create opportunity for low and moderate-income people through housing in diverse, thriving communities. To date, Enterprise has created 662,000 homes, invested nearly $53 billion and positively impacted millions of lives. And there’s more work to be done.


Provide a fair, clear, and understandable online experience for grant applicants while connecting with new audiences.


We prioritized clean design and easy to navigate application materials. The Enterprise team found alignment and created concrete measurement goals for the site; allowing a synchronous planning and post launch process.


  • 22,000 pageviews from 7,300 users
  • A 25% conversion rate
  • 37% of visitors clicked through to apply to the challenge
  • Average time on page was 00:03:01
  • 885 grant applications

We focused on making the housing application process accessible to new audiences through content, copy, and design.

One of our main goals throughout this project was to make sure the grant applications had the ability to not only reach a wide audience– but also be understood. We strayed from using jargon familiar to big players in housing development, and focused on designing the site based around its content. This led the end user through each application step with an interactive experience that allowed them to understand application eligibility, find the right application to fill out, and identify easy answers to FAQs throughout the process.

Enterprise about the challenge page viewed on a laptop.

Above and beyond predetermined goals.

Through cross team collaboration we worked with Enterprise to identify project goals and target audiences to determine specific metrics that would help them measure short and long-term success. We configured Google Analytics to reflect these goals prior to the website launch. After only 2 weeks, Enterprise hit or exceeded all of their target KPIs, which included:

  • 22,000 pageviews from 7,300 users
  • A 25% conversion rate
  • 37% of visitors clicked through to apply to the challenge
  • Average time on page was 00:03:01

In the end, the site generated over 800 applications — nearly tripling the original target of 300 (275 of those applications were submitted in the first 2 weeks).

Enterprise FAQ page viewed on a tablet.

A website built to change.

The initial build out of this website focused on the application period and well exceeded the short-term goals of the Enterprise team. Long term, this site was built with an information architecture and design convention that will allow the content to change and evolve over three-years to follow the grant period through the selection of awardees and project implementation process.

Enterprise about the competition, what's next, and FAQ pages displayed on 3 mobile devices side by side.

“ThinkShout worked with us to identify and understand our measurement goals for this project; all of which were exceeded in the first few weeks of the site launch. The clean and clutter-free site that they designed helped guide applicants through a seamless process. The number of submitted applications nearly tripled our goals. We are excited to see our website grow with the evolution of this national innovation challenge.”

~ Enterprise Community Partners

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