Feeding America

How site speed and Drupal 8 increased donation conversions to help feed more people in need.

In a country of excess, it’s shocking to learn that one in eight people in the United States suffer from hunger and food insecurity. That’s why Feeding America, the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization, exists – to end hunger once and for all. Together with individuals, charities, businesses, and the government, Feeding America works to supply food and funds to a network of 200 food banks and 60,000 pantries.


A battery of A/B tests over months confirmed that they needed a lightning fast site to increase conversion rates.


Move the site off of Luminate CMS and shift it over to Drupal 8, with hosting by Pantheon.


+84% Increased Pageviews
-16% Decreased Bounce Rate
+19% Increased Pages per session

Feeding America approached ThinkShout with the goal of increasing site speed and conversions with the very tight timeline. ThinkShout’s mission was to study their current site, figure out how to break it down into structured components, and then put the puzzle back together again in Drupal – all in time for the key fundraising season.

Feeding America client

To ensure that Feeding America’s website saw reliably fast loading speeds, even during large spikes in traffic, ThinkShout recommended hosting their site on Pantheon. Milliseconds can make all the difference, and in this case, it could mean a substantial loss in donations. With Pantheon’s Global CDN, sites hosted on the platform are optimized to deliver content to users anywhere across the globe securely and at blazing fast speeds.

The result was something that looks and works the same on the front end, but is easier to navigate on the admin side and performs exponentially faster.

Ending hunger isn’t just about feeding people, it’s also about building awareness of the issue and empathy for the communities most impacted. The website provides resources beyond just where to get meals and with the right strategy, hierarchy of content, and user experience, they can provide the pathways to that information – and do so at lightning speed.

Feeding America helps kids

The ultimate goal for improving site speed was to increase donation conversions for Feeding America. We’re thrilled to report that not only did donations increase, but so did their website engagement – most importantly, donations were up 28% YOY on Giving Tuesday alone.

Feeding America site speed improvements

If you want to test your site speed to see if pages load under 2 seconds, here are some tools we recommend:

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