Learning for Justice

Enabling educators to foster a kind and inclusive school climate.

Teaching Tolerance – a program of the Southern Poverty Law Center now known as Learning for Justice – is dedicated to educating young people to be active participants in a diverse democracy. Educators often have to respond to issues of intolerance at a speed and scale that can be incredibly challenging. News travels quickly, students form opinions and harbor fears, and teachers can feel isolated when trying to make sense of these issues for themselves and their students.


Learning for Justice needed their site to enable rapid generation and dissemination of new materials, while also surfacing valuable content from the past that has renewed importance in today’s news cycle.


ThinkShout integrated two previously isolated sites into custom lesson plans, a deep content library, and a guided Learning Plan Builder that makes all of Learning for Justice’s content classroom-ready.


Tolerance.org—now learningforjustice.org—has experienced huge gains in registrations, return visits, and sessions. The site was also a Webby Award Finalist.

Our approach to design was to provide an experience without barriers. Regardless of whether a user is on their phone while taking the train to work or on their desktop at home, they should be able to easily access all of Learning for Justice’s resources. We wanted a streamlined experience, with everything from magazine articles, lessons, texts, and professional development materials to be easily digestible, searchable, and offer the ability to be built into a learning plan using the step-by-step process.

Image: Tolerance.org Tablet
Image: Tolerance.org Mobile

We took the Tolerance brand and refreshed it to accommodate a modern, content-rich site. While sticking with their brand’s foundation, we explored colors and typography treatments that would allow for a design that supports (rather than overshadows) the robust content offered. Tolerance [Learning for Justice] also has a beautiful, vast library of photography, and they continually create timely and engaging illustrations. Those elements drive the core visuals of the site.

Exploring rich colors on a tablet, portrait mode.
Exploring rich colors on a tablet, landscape mode.
Exploring rich colors on a phone.

A website is only as successful as the engagement it sparks. Educators are in a constant struggle to keep up with the pace of the world in which we live while ensuring that they meet the standards of local school districts.

That’s what led to the creation of “The Moment,” a branded publishing platform that surfaces the most important content in response to cultural events. Whether the content is from five years ago or five hours ago, users get the best that Learning for Justice has to offer. And by linking this content up to the organization’s email communication strategy, we ensure that teachers get the materials in their inbox before they know they need it.

Final view of site on a tablet

Now users can craft unique learning plans and share them with peers in their own schools or across the country. As the online community grows, we hope to build more social tools for teachers to share, comment on, and learn from each other’s work; work that ultimately fosters a more inclusive and kind environment in our schools.

increased registrations
increased return visits
increased session duration
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